Our project management service was designed to ensure that clients wishing to be more involved in the projects they develop find an equally hands-on partner in the Project Manager they hire. As such, SODECO works as part of the project team brought together and overseen by the owner. Our core role focuses on our core construction project management expertise:

  • Provide the construction expertise to help project owners take design decisions
  • Perform budget simulations to better define project scope and optimize project costs
  • Present preliminary budgets and construction schedules to ensure the owner’s project fits within his budget and timeline
  • Once the project receives the green light from the owner, begin the tendering process and carry on with the project construction, delivery and commisionning.

Regulations permitting, some owners sometimes also want to hire the sub-contractors directly for the projects they undertake. In those cases, SODECO plays an important role in the management of the tendering process, qualifying the sub-contractors bids, speerhead contract negotiations and help the project owners make their sub-contractor selections. This contractual mode is most common when we are called to manage a project internationally, in the United States of America for example for either a Canadian based or a US based project owner.